Crochet Bikini

What we are into at the minute is the crochet bikini. It’s huge this season amongst celebrities, fashionistas and regular beach goers.. but why do we love it? Its simple wether you are packing for a sun soaked beach holiday or maybe just a little winter warmer break it is totally on trend all year round year after year! Its cool, classic and a throwback from the 30s so you can’t really go wrong.

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The crochet bikini and why we love it

The crochet bikini mixes modern beach vibes with a sophisticated edge but could equally be boho without looking like your trying to hard. However if that is your thing… Go for it!

Crochet bikini styling tips

Match your white crochet bikini top to some super slinky high waisted denim shorts, throw on some wedges and some super bright statement earrings and you are sure to be turning heads at the beach bars. That said we should not forgot the trusted saying ‘less is more’ and with the crochet bikini that couldn’t be more true. 

The Crochet trim is elegantly made of woven material and doesn’t have that usual athletic feel like other swimwear. Crochet bikinis come in all colours and sizes and as for the colours they are so many. 

If you’re keeping it simple you can never go too far wrong with black or the classic and perhaps the most commonly seen white. Whilst this might seem boring you could not be more wrong, its classy but sassy allowing you to team the look with other details making your swimsuit or bikini the focus. 

On the other hand it is no secret that colour is so hot right now so if you are wanting to strut your stuff and are not afraid to show it, go neon yellow. As for the material used this should appeal to everyone. 

Crochet bikini fit notes

Unlike elasticated woven cotton material sits nicely on the skin allowing the design to fit to your body and not you fitting into the design. Worn properly it can emphasise

the longest of legs but also be flattering to a curvier figure. For us there is nothing worse then feeling like your swimsuit is painted on showing all manner of secrets and cocktail sins. So it seems as clear as the Maldivian waters that the crochet bikini is the perfect allrounder. It definitely has our vote. 

Crochet bikini care notes

Now we’ve convinced you… make sure you look after your fail safe bikini because with the right care and attention you can pull this out the draw year after year. We hand wash ours but you can also put them on a delicate wash and obviously as anyones mother would tell you don’t mix the colours, because with these being primarily cotton the colour could fade or transfer.

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